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  • Year-Round Support for Business Clients

    Many people think that when tax season ends our work as accountants also ends. However, at Padden Cooper one of the most important things that we do for our business clients throughout the year is tax planning and tax projections.

    For example, self-employed individuals are generally required to pay taxes throughout the year on a quarterly basis. To help determine the amount a self-employed individual should pay each quarter, at Padden Cooper we communicate regularly to review your financial position and run tax projections. This enables the CPA to estimate what the client needs to pay before the end of the year. It also allows us to determine if there are tax strategies the client can utilize to help lower his or her tax burden. This can be done most effectively when the client has kept their numbers current in QuickBooks or other accounting software.

    How can we help? At Padden Cooper we offer many services for business owners, including bookkeeping, tax projections, QuickBook training seminars, and so much more! Contact us at (609) 953-1400 or to find out how we can best help your business thrive! 

    Padden Cooper CPA’s

    Padden Cooper CPA's | 09/09/2021

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